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Sleep My Child
Hestia doesn't smile. She hasn't smiled since the day Tim vanished.
As though her own smile was sucked into Tim's, the day it broke wide open.
Joker can't get away with it – Bruce had to pry her fingers off from Joker's throat. He even allowed paramedics to revive him (But Bruce didn't revive him, and to the batboys and girls, that meant something).
Hestia has been banned from visiting Arkham. Joker can't be held in super strength preventative facilities because he isn't blessed with the skill. It also means he isn't protected from the people with said skill. People like Hestia and Kon biting at the bit to tear out his intestines and pull them out through his nose with a crochet hook.
She has already had to replace the sidebar to Tim's cot twice because she has bent it out of proportion, struggling to not imagine Joker's throat under her fingers again.
She killed him, but Bruce didn't report her.
She wants to see Joker grin now with the bruises she left around his throat.
Tim's sm
:icondrawinginthesky:DrawingInTheSky 1 0
Zombie Scrapper
Scribe walked through the doors of the gigantic building. She had already tied her blonde hair away from her face, and the large sunglasses she wore covered part of the tattoos on her face as they shifted their shapes, while keep the sun out of her eyes.
The land was barren and she figured that the best spot to find someone would be in the shelter of the largest building in the area. She nearly jumped as the doors slammed shut behind her, echoing into the still air of the interior.
The sounds of her rubber dampened footsteps echoed around her. She was dressed for a hike through rainforest, khaki pants, boots, and a tank top for the heat. Not for the heat of a building with no air flow. She continued walking through the ruins, for that's what they must have been, she hadn't seen a soul in nearly six hours. Be it human or animal, and the sun was falling quickly.
Scribe ascended the stairs calmly, looking at plaques on  the walls that would have once told her the name of the bus
:icondrawinginthesky:DrawingInTheSky 0 4
Still Born
The intricate carvings glared back at the girl; mocking her as she clutched the stillborn body in her hands. Her unwashed bloodstained clothes clung to her body as she entered the small temple, placing the body in the fountain's pool with a single coin, and voice boomed "Is this your desire?" as the fountain ran.
:icondrawinginthesky:DrawingInTheSky 0 2
Getting Fresh
The blank expression on the woman's face began to make Ace shift in his chair uncomfortably.
"Lady? You alright?"
"If lips could kill, I'd kiss you dead." The woman spoke, staring at the screen that Ace had brought an image up onto.
"I'm just going to take that as a compliment. Of which I'm going to be flattered. But of which my girlfriend would be infinitely pissed about. Aaaand I'm going to turn around now." Ace said, swiveling his chair back towards the computer in order to print out the address of the woman on the screen, identical to the woman behind him now. The printer whirred to life when Ace felt the woman lean over, wrapping her arms around him and the chair.
"Thank you so much. Really." Ace nodded before continuing to hack the woman's twin's file.
:icondrawinginthesky:DrawingInTheSky 0 0
Victoria stepped over a discarded wrench and gently poked a brass gear out of her way as she walked through the man's office.
"Hiram, are you here?" She slid past the second door to his study and heard an explosion just beyond, emitting a cloud of smoke. She hurried forward, settling her hand on the pistol in her handbag as she came across Hiram laying on the ground in a mass of robotics.
"Hello Victoria."
"Hiram." Victoria responded, easing her hand out of her bag, leaving the pistol inside, "I thought we had agreed you would give up on this nonsense?" she asked as she helped him stand.
"Vic, I have all of these ideas, they just aren't working the way they're supposed to! I know that there's something there I just have to figure it out!"
"Like what?" Victoria asked as she picked up some pieces on the ground, "These bits and bobs don't fit together, they're not meant to Hiram. You have to give up on these toys, we have bigger fish to fry, greater things to be done. Technology is advanc
:icondrawinginthesky:DrawingInTheSky 1 6
Behold, Your God, The Student
This whole situation is completely unfair. Crazy, ludicrous, inefficient, and preposterous.
Necromancy isn't one of the most well-respected Arts. In fact, we're pretty much attacked and scorned for our "mistreatment" of the human life, as well as others lives, despite people not comprehending how we ourselves view lives. Respecting life and using it as a malleable force are two separate things and can easily be intertwined.
That's my philosophy on the topic, and as a newly found master of the craft, I felt it to be perfectly legitimate.
Except that my master, had departed from the land of the sane, and viewed himself as a god. Not God with a capital G, just a god, because then we'd be delving into a whole new realm of philosophy with "who created you if you are God?" and such things.
In any event, my master now viewed himself as a god, and the community of supernaturalists were all up in arms about it. They set out on a witch-run witch hunt for him and caught up to him. He was basking
:icondrawinginthesky:DrawingInTheSky 0 2
This is a Mec(c/h)a
It's not every day that a girl from the slums can say that they are the world's hero. And it's not every day that the person that saved the world receives recognition, or even thanks for their deed.
What's most unlikely; is a girl from the slums finding a RavePort3000 and conceivably using the data within to ruin the plot of a high-end Druglord, in effect ruining their plans to rule the world.
But that isn't what happened to me.
I found a Rav-Port2500.
Rav-Ports are the generic off models of RavePorts.
RavePorts are small robots that can fit into your pocket. They can interact like a miniature human and link into the RavePort systems, like wifi but brand specific. The Rav-Ports can only link in to the generic versions, they have limited accessibility to news, feeds, and to specific websites.
My Rav-Port2500 seemed to have malfunctioned. He was missing a foot and one eye, but he was also able to connect to all systems at one point in time.
I may be from the slums, but I really like to f
:icondrawinginthesky:DrawingInTheSky 0 2
I ignored my mom as she poked my side and talked to me, attempting to make me talk to her. I refused, I turned on my side toward the wall. I didn't want to hear this.
After a half an hour, she gave a heavy sigh and stood from the bed. I could just imagine her leering over me with her hands on her hips.
"If you don't start talking, I will have no choice but to dance. I will show you the interrogation art-form of mothers passed down through our family tree." She said jovially.
"I don't want to talk to you. I don't want to talk to dad. Leave me, alone." I said, scrunching further into the wall.
"I know you're mad at th-,"
"Do not. Say. "The situation". I'm not mad at the situation, or that guy from New Jersey. I am mad at you and dad for not telling us what was happening before you were ready to leave. You're not saving us, you're abandoning us."
"So, I guess that answers my question." Mom said, as though she were giving up.
"I'll live wherever Trey and Jacob want to live, but I don't hav
:icondrawinginthesky:DrawingInTheSky 0 4
The Creepy Old Home
That creepy boarded up house down the street has been having a flurry of interesting guests lately.
Demons and ghosts and angels coming and going at all hours of the night, as if a celestial rave was taking place in the house.
It echoed with laughter and screams of delight, interpreted as sounds of horrible dooms and torture.
But I knew the truth.
I saw them all, no one else ever saw the creatures leaving and returning, to and fro. Only I.
Eventually I found out it was because I had died when I was a babe. My mother had given birth to a still born. But somehow the doctors brought me back to life, so I walked the edge of the mortal and immortal (so to speak) plane.
I saw angels and demons fight it out over lost souls despairing over their life. I had to act as a referee in some instances, mostly when they figured out I could see them. The wailing soul struck out at me for my decision, which would usually be in the demon's favor in those instances. Honestly. Lashing out at a child. How i
:icondrawinginthesky:DrawingInTheSky 1 4
Wolfish Grin
Opal had never felt stronger until she had hit puberty. She knew her muscles were supposed to get stronger, be better, and become developed. But this was different. She could feel an inner self awakening she had never known, longed for the taste of blood, to run, to lay out in the grass, nothing that she had ever felt much for before puberty. As the time kept going, it only got worse, and when she moved, she felt every synapse screaming to run and fight and yell.
But it never felt like a threat to her. It felt like a new being to embrace, like she was giving birth to another self. She cared for it and kept it well fed, not on blood, she never stooped to that, but she ran, joined the cross-country team, she ran to the tops of cliffs and mountains and yelled in joy whenever she got the chance, she was called "wild", "Wild child", anything that would denounce her association to civility. And she never cared.
Her first transformation to a werewolf, the pain elicited moans from her, not scr
:icondrawinginthesky:DrawingInTheSky 0 3
My Twin, My Reflection
I am my own twin. I mimic the movements of myself in the objects that shine back. My twin doesn't know I exist. She calls me a reflection. I want to scream and shout and change our movements, but she thinks that I don't exist.
She imagines she is the conscious one, that I have no ability to do anything but reflect back to her. She doesn't see me move us during the night, she isn't aware of the adventures she says when her parents say she "sleep walks".
I live in a world of "reflections" where we watch our twins make faces, where we help them put on their make-up and fix their hair. Where we give them whispered flattery when they need to perk up and tear them down when they've gotten too big of a head.
We are the conscious, the esteem, the ego, the id, the subconscious, the mind, the reflection of the soul. The soul.
I am my own twin, but I still don't know.
:icondrawinginthesky:DrawingInTheSky 1 2
Sleep Spell-Casting
Several large thumps awoke Trey from a deep sleep. Across the room he saw his brother stirring before a shriek sent Jacob flying out of bed, tripping on a book and slamming into the floor. Trey tried not to laugh. He did, he just wasn't successful at it.
Their younger brother, Chris, was walking by their room, rubbing sleep out of his five year old eyes.
"What's making so much noise?" Chris said in a tiny, tired, why-am-I-awake-at-3am voice.
Trey got out of his bed smiling at his brother while Jacob stood up biting back a couple curses as he yanked his robe on and stepped into his slippers. Trey grabbed a hoodie to avoid the chill of the morning and picked his little brother up to settle him onto his hip.
"I have no idea, but do you want to bet five soldiers it's Amelia?" Trey asked in a conspiratorial way to the boy who snuggled into his brother's warmth.
"Ten." He mumbled, apparently having more faith in his sister than the rest of her set of triplets had. The three of them heard a l
:icondrawinginthesky:DrawingInTheSky 0 0
Prepare for Bonding
As a werewolf clan, Alison was pretty proud of her group, pride, clan, den, whatever you would call a group of werewolves. The only exception she could possibly make was the relationship between Xcaliber and Opal. Yes, it was embarrassing for almost everyone involved, a thirty-three year old and an eighteen year old being involved wasn't the proudest moment anyone was having. Especially since they had met three years previously but had kept their relationship on simmer for the time.
In any event, their relationship bred problems, whether it was pop culture references flying over one another's heads, or the occasional (read: almost constant ) immaturity of Opal attempting to fit in with people outside of her generation. This time, the werewolves were attempting a clan-bonding and camping out during a new moon so as to avoid instinctual problems. Meanwhile Opal was whining about something while an exasperated Xcaliber glowered at her.
"Didn't you pack the flint? The razers? The tent? The
:icondrawinginthesky:DrawingInTheSky 1 0
Gender Defiance
Michelle braided her hair around her head, French braiding the golden tresses to hug tightly to her skull as she glanced at Ace's cigarette.
"Those things will kill you." She announced, rearranging a holster on her thigh and checking the bullets she was carrying.
"Not if the Facility does it first." He replied, tapping away at his computer. Michelle snorted in appreciation of the fact and continued to rearrange her supplies. He printed out  several letters and handed them to Michelle as she finished adjusting the straps on her gear.
"Is there anything incredibly new and important in these?" She asked as she accepted and leafed through them.
"Not particularly, it's an in and out mission. Get in, take out the guard, snatch the jewels, get out."
"Isn't it strange the Facility asks us to do something like this after warning us about using our abilities for something of this purpose?" She asked as she leaned down towards the table.
"You find that strange? The Facility isn't a pret
:icondrawinginthesky:DrawingInTheSky 0 4
It was unfortunate how lives went. At some point you just expected people to straighten out their lives and understand when there was an actual lie being told to them. You watch them live their lives, grasping at the straws of attention they deserve but never get. That they starve and yearn for, the attention they so desperately need to thrive.
You watch your friends make decisions you would never make, based on the lies shoveled into their mouths. You watch them make the decisions you long to make, but can't as you listen to the lies you know.
But the most heart wrenching story is when the girl believes in nothing but lies. When she imagines a world based on sweet-nothings and empty handed promises. When she cries because of the truth and ignores reality, entrapping her own brain in the nemesis of imagination, compensating for her disbelief in the fists that rain upon her and seek solace in the apologies that seep into her skin.
The worst story is the woman who follows the cycle, who
:icondrawinginthesky:DrawingInTheSky 0 2
Running through the maze, I thought I could see the end of the tunnel. The mythological white light. I turned every corner, running into dead ends and turning back around, not even knowing which paths I had been on before already.
At some point gravity was reversed and I ran across the ceiling, trailing behind a green faerie of some sort, staring out at the horizon for the white light again. Can-can girls began to dance on the sidelines and their own rendition of "A Diamond is a Girls Best Friend" echoed through the maze.
I fell into a pile of leaves and rolled onto a beach filled with glass pock-marks. I slid into a small tunnel filled with crystal structures and rainbow refraction blinding my eyes. A sudden fall jolted me out of my daydream and onto the floor of my psychologist's office.
In short: I was deported from my own subconscious.
Apparently it's a little too demented even for Freud to analyze.
:icondrawinginthesky:DrawingInTheSky 1 7

Random Favourites

Let's Cook: Gyouza -Tut.2of3- by sylvacoer Let's Cook: Gyouza -Tut.2of3- :iconsylvacoer:sylvacoer 33 21 Let's Cook: Gyouza -Tut.3of3- by sylvacoer Let's Cook: Gyouza -Tut.3of3- :iconsylvacoer:sylvacoer 31 95
'I am yours'
I want her.
To possess her.
To mark my ownership upon her flesh with my lips.
To see yearning in her emerald eyes.
I want her to burn for me,
the way I do for her.
I want to give in.
Into this creeping darkness within me,
this insidious smoldering.
I want to step into myself
and simply watch it happen.
I want whispered words,
Lips pressed to soft lips, soon to open.
I want heated breath,
Synchronized heartbeats drumming hard and frenzied.
I want to temper beauty—
her beauty.
With passion—
my passion.
To forge her in my desire
and watch her emerge.
I want to bask
in the embers of spent passion.
In the liquid copper of afterglow
trickling through our limbs,
leaving us languid and calm.  
I want to twine my fingers
through her raven hair.
Molding myself
to lay alongside her gentle curves.
I want to kiss her forehead,
as she drifts away to sleep.
I want to press my face to her cheek
“I am yours.
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mouth by nevakee mouth :iconnevakee:nevakee 227 8 IlluminatioN by Poralizer IlluminatioN :iconporalizer:Poralizer 21 21
TCM-10 tips for story writing
I'm currently working on a new series of writings on... writing.... that I will be posting soon. Thank you, Casti out.

Hello, folks, and welcome to Episode 4 of The Castaway Method!
In this episode, we will be covering what it takes to write a good and believable story.
1) When I say "Believable story", I don't mean  Realistic Fiction. I mean a story that will grab your readers, and make them believe that it's true, no matter how fantastic it seems. I'll admit, it's much harder to do this if you have a character from Earth getting pulled to a different world, say, Ralem. All the new sights, sounds, and smells of Ralem are going to be weird and startling to your Earth Character. Nothing will seem normal. That just makes it all the harder to make
:iconnightfrost-icefang:Nightfrost-Icefang 13 17
An Unbroken WIll
They call her peculiar, eccentric, a freak,
A laugh is given, as that’s what people seek,
She does not mention her abhorrence of labels, because outside she is meek,
Inside she whispers; “I will not conform to be picturesque,”
Inside she says; “My heart is set, irrefutable with little trepidation.”
Inside she screams; “You will not dishearten me!”
She has parents, who often discriminate,
Knowing or not, against the friends they hate,
Especially the boy she would like to date,
Inside she whispers; “I will not conform to be picturesque,”
Inside she says; “My heart is set, irrefutable with little trepidation.”
Inside she screams; “You will not dishearten me!”
Seen as a ruffian, product of tomfoolery innocent in nature,
Commonly dubbed irrational and immature,
She is quite the opposite, though at times unsure,
Inside she whispers; “I will not conform to be picturesque,”
Inside she says; “My heart is set, irrefu
:iconlingerintherain:LingerintheRain 2 4
PFF2 Stamp by PFFbySIO PFF2 Stamp :iconpffbysio:PFFbySIO 57 25 Love by Amaya-dee-Clutz Love :iconamaya-dee-clutz:Amaya-dee-Clutz 3 3 Happiness by Amaya-dee-Clutz Happiness :iconamaya-dee-clutz:Amaya-dee-Clutz 2 3
Create a Goddess/God Contest
Hello deviantART artist,
I have the contest hosting itch so I want to get it out to challenge artist to create, create, create.
About the Contest
Ever wonder what the God of Computers would look like, or what the Goddess of the Moon would reflect in your artwork?
This is the contest for you, create a goddess or god of anything it could be serious or silly just make the deity that inspires you.
Any style of artwork welcomed!
Please read everything below to make sure you understand the rules.
Da rules
1. It must be a NEW creation in your artwork collection
2. It must be YOUR work that you submit
3. If you use stock photos, pixel bases, or any other stock type items in your work you must give appropriate credit to the creators of the base/stock.
4. You MAY create an existing god/goddess or make one up.
5. Your entry must be in your artwork collections ON DeviantART
Simple rules no?
To Enter
Send me a PM with the title Create a Goddess/God Contest Entry
Include a link to your
:iconcraftyhandsbyfg:CraftyHandsbyFG 113 135
All medium CONTEST three themes to choose from!
Yay, new contest :dance:
You have three themes and you can make one entry per each subject!
Any medium allowed!
1. Queen of the night
2. Helll and Heaven
3. Silence
1. One deviation per one theme, so you can entry max 3 deviations but you can also entry only one
2. Deviations must be new (submitted 13 July or later)
3. You have to put in a description link to my account
4. Deadline - 31st Augst
5. Only good quality works (no blury photos or unfinished drawings!)
6. If you want to submit an entry, please send me a note with subject CONTEST ENTRY and a link to your work + chosen theme
7. Some of you will have to make a second work for final round :)
:bulletred:PRIZES (new prizes soon!):
FIRST PLACE #   :winner:
1. 50$ for buing jewelry at my etsy shop (new stuff available soon)
2. One month feature by OlgaC
SECOND PLACE #   :winner:
1. 30 for buing jewelry at my etsy shop (
:iconolgac:OlgaC 140 111
ABC contest
okay sooo yah i got the idea that i wanted to host a contest.
i wanted to see who could come up with the most interesting ABC poem.
it can have ANY theme you would like as long as it sticks to the ABC theme. go to see the link above if you dont know what a ABC poem. ABC poems are hard enough to write on their own so im not gonna bother with themes :).be creative with it ^.^ and also, youll get bonus points if you dont skip the letter Z like some lazy people *cough* amber *cough*.
Another thing is i would like some assistence judging. because i know alot of my friends who i would lkie to join but i dont want to be bias just cause they're my friends so a second opinion would be helpful. :) i espeacially would like yumi to help but.. i also want her to join the contest :(. hmm. oh well. send me a note if youd like to judge.
oh and.. if anyone has any ideas for prizes PLEASE tell me. im not an artist so i cant re
:iconamberlee07:amberlee07 4 25
Save Yourself by jevigar Save Yourself :iconjevigar:jevigar 3,735 397



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